Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kwikset Kevo - Keyless Deadbolt

About Our Company

When I was locked out house in the mid 1980's and I had to call (5) different locksmith companies until someone finally picked up the phone. I asked the Okaloosa County Business License Center (Shalimar, Florida) to provide a report about the local locksmith market. 

Their conclusion, spread over a 150 page in-depth report was a riveting read, even today, after nearly (3) decades have passed. In terms of locksmithing, Locksmith firms were generally small and remote, protective about their trade, rough in their demeanor and, worse, generally unavailable for work, let alone get hired. 

The researchers collected countless testimonies from frustrated users who couldn't get the help and quality service they needed. Clearly, things could only get better for the deprived Locksmith customers, and so my Locksmith company was born.  I moved my operations to Atlanta, Georgia and applied those same fundamental principles and approach to customer service to this day.

Wherever the job may be within Atlanta, and in the Atlanta Metro area. One of our locksmiths can usually attend within 30 to 60 minutes or less. All locksmiths work locally thus avoiding long and expensive travel to the job sites. This formula has allowed us to react quickly and fuss-free to local needs, and has made us the ideal counterpart to satisfy the requirements of all kinds of multi-outlet shops. 

Others, include maintenance companies, charities, estate agents, local and other governmental organizations and, of course, all local residents and companies throughout town. Our main Corporate Office is based in Woodstock, Georgia. It is from here that our nationwide mail order key-cutting service is run. 

My Current Locksmith Service Technician Skills: 

Responsible for all business administration, including day to day operations, advertising, and onsite locksmith service to commercial and residential properties. 

Full service Locksmith. Install, troubleshoot, repair, and maintain mechanical and electrical lock devices. Rekey and Master key all types of locks, including IC Cores, Medeco and Best locks. 

I modify or repair lock devices, rekey high-security locks, make duplicate keys or cards, generate or program new keys/cards for locks whose keys/cards have been lost and respond to emergency calls to unlock vehicles, homes and businesses that have been locked accidentally, or whose locks have malfunctioned. 

Drill/Open many different security safes and cash boxes. Change combination locks on various safes and combo push-button locks. Install and repair exit devices, door closers of all makes and models. 

A+ Computer tech and service customers computers, work with all types of hardware and software installations. Operate 24-hour emergency service. Diagnose basic computer malfunctions, and extensive customer service experience. I have deployed small business network systems with 2 to 3 computers. I do editing and upgrade work on my own websites. 

Other Skills: Kaba X-10 Certified: 

Technical Training Course Descriptions: 
This certification course provides in-depth training for installation, operation and programming of the X-10 lock and presents the differences between it and the X-09. 
I was taught how to install the X-10, set up the lock in various modes of operation, change combinations, recognize and clear error conditions in the lock, auditing procedures, and basic troubleshooting. During the programming section, students will operate the lock in single, dual, and supervisor/subordinate modes. All tools are provided and students receive a training workbook and product manuals. 
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